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Marriage Is Far Deeper Than Your Emotions

Marriage most times doesn’t go as envisaged because of lack of commitment from one or both partners.

This is the reason why marrying someone with same values as yours is very important. Most of the eye-catchy things we tend to hold unto will become uninteresting with time but values will remain.

Now, let me explain further. If you married because of big boobs, big ass, big and flashy car and house, big bank accounts and stuffs like that, few years into the marriage, the fantasy of these things will fade and the reality of the things that truly matters in marriage will begin to dawn on you.

Don’t get me wrong, these things are not bad in themselves but they shouldn’t be the primary reason for your choice. They could make up for the your primary pursuit.

If your partner didn’t build values of respect, love, honesty and the likes, you’ll soon begin to find the marital journey becoming uninteresting. This might not make sense to most singles who are still living in fantasy.

Do not let your emotions have the better part of you in your journey into marriage, you’re likely to misfire. We can guide you aright. Register with our inner circle for 2022 at Blissful Marriage Forum.

Together we can make the world a better place.

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