I am presently angry and wish this client never engaged me in such a useless matter as counselling him on the ‘unfaithfulness’ of his side-chick. My pain is that he didn’t engage me on why he could not stay faithful to his wife but about a cheating side-chick.

But come to think of it, he narrated how he has ensured all the needs of the said side-chick are provided and wondered what the lady in question was still looking for.

Well, I blame the lady in question for stooping so low as to becoming a sex-tool for a man she knows has a wonderful family and probably promising to stick with him alone.

This is the highest level of low self esteem ignorantly interpreted as hustling by most single ladies. A trend that is fast becoming a norm for ladies who are afraid of daring.

How on earth will you give up your purpose of existence just to serve the sexual needs of a man who has chosen to be promiscous just for your material needs to be met.

Meaning with all the potentials God has given you, you cannot positively explore them to give yourself a meaningful life except depending on others who are only out to kill your dreams having achieved theirs.

Single ladies must rise up and take their destinies in their hands to avoid the trend we are seeing today. Some have ended up becoming preys to ritualists in the name of keeping ‘rich boy friends’.

The quest for money that you did not work for has ended the lives and destinies of many single ladies and this is caused by low self-esteem. You can do better ladies.

Men who lack the courage to approach marriage counsellors on issues bothering their marriages can confidently approach marriage counsellors on issues concerning their side-chicks.

This is totally unacceptable and must not be allowed to become a norm.

Together we can make the world a better place.

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