Marriage indeed is a mystery. Otherwise how else do I explain the fact that a couple living in what can best be described as abject poverty is happier and more fulfilled than one living in affluence?
The reason we tell people not to make money or economic status the major goal in marriage. This is not to relegate the importance of money in helping the couple meet their basic survival needs.
However, as a lot of married people would later discover, emotional needs tops the priority list in marriage ahead of economic needs.
And what do I mean by the above statement? The deep connection between you and your spouse, their availability or physical presence, the team spirit, the mutual respect, the deep understanding of each other matter more than the availability of money in the marriage.
If the economic needs are met additionally, perfect! But if money is there as a replacement for the emotional needs the spouse is supposed to meet then it is most unfortunate.
A lot of singles may not understand this but the married ones will, except of course if they want to be economical with the truth. A smiling face does not necessarily connote a happy person. A lot of married people smile outside and cry within.
You know what? It is better to shed physical tears than to shed emotional tears. Physical tears are visible and heals but emotional tears are invisible and kills.
There are too many married people living in affluence but shedding emotional tears daily. Unfortunately, most of them cannot even dare to open up because of their status.
More devastating is the fact that these are the people whose marriages are the dreams of our singles. Most singles are wishing to be in such marriages because of what they see on the surface. They reject people with genuine love for economic reasons. Too bad!
Marriage is a mystery and we must be careful how we dive into it.
Together we can make the world a better place.

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