As men are becoming carried away with what the eyes are fed with, ladies are taking the packaging business to another level.
I once told us a story of a marriage that ended on the first night because according to the man, the breasts he has been seeing were no where to be found that night.
But in reality, was he really seeing breasts? Not really. What he was seeing was the packaging of the breast. Same goes for buttocks of most ladies.
It has therefore become pertinent to alert men on the need to shine their eyes so they do not cry foul on first night of their marriage.
External appearance of a lady is never to be completely relegated to the background but where it becomes the focal point in your choice of a spouse then, you might just be in for a shock.
This is why marrying someone well known to you is very important, someone you love not for their external endowment but for their level of flow with you, someone you relate with unofficially. Let those external endowments, if at all are there, be secondary.
Not someone you only hang out with officially, someone you only admire via pictures, someone who will never chat with you via video calls when they have not done their make-ups.
Ladies are doing the unthinkable just to swindle men into their rackets. I just hope you would not be their next victim. Better shine your eyes before you make your choice. All that glitters is not gold.
Together we can make the world a better place.

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