Just yesterday evening I was thinking of the different candidates vying for elective positions in Nigeria and what they had to offer.

I discovered that majority were banking on the cash bags they probably have acquired over the years and how they can use this to woo poor and hungry Nigerians into voting for them.

Unfortunately, not very many Nigerians understand that these politicians are simply bribing them with money to get their votes after which they will focus not on the electorates but on their selfish goals and interests.

You’ll see a politician with issue-based campaign but because he has got no money to throw around, the electorates will describe him or her as unserious and look the other way.

One thing the electorates do not understand is the fact that the next four years of their existence has been mortgaged by the singular decision to go with politicians who have got nothing other than money to offer them at campaigns.

The above political scenario is what plays out in marriage decisions too.

A lot of those going into marriage do not really sit back to analyse critical issues. They most often than not focus on trivialities.

You can trust Nigerians with fake lifestyles. They will do anything humanly possible to throw the other party off balance and you will hear singles confessing openly how they have fallen completely in love courtesy of a packaged lifestyle targeted at them.

Little will they realise that their emotions have been manipulated such that they are no longer thinking straight as they make this lifetime decision.

Unfortunately, those who come prepared with very serious and focused proposals but have got no visible proofs are being treated with disdain and mocked in most cases. They are being described as ill-prepared for marriage.

Unfortunately, these singles do not understand that the eyes that ‘love’ blinded, marriage will open to the reality of having mortgaged their entire lifetime. The result is the present discuss on social media where almost everyone is promoting divorce.

Electorates become luckier than those in wrong marriages as they still stand a chance of correcting their mistake after another four years. Those in wrong marriages might never have a second chance except for God’s intervention.

So politics and marriage and indeed any life decision-making process must be well thought out before execution because the consequences could be damning!

Together we can make the world a better place.

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