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The Need to Acquire Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) as Couples

One of the things I would recommend to intending couples in this age and time is to acquire soft skills.

The level of violence in homes now is really becoming alarming and most times you try to find out and discover that the cause of such violence is flimsy.

Singles must learn the art of conflict and anger management, go through social and emotional learning (SEL) as this will help them immensely in their marriage.

When the marriage is still basking in the euphoria of romance, you might not sense these violent tendencies in anyone but let a job loss, a business collapse, some financial misfortune, or death/sickness of a loved one, or failure to conceive after several years of marriage rear its ugly head in the marriage, you’ll begin to see the liquid content in that transparentless human bottle.

Good enough, in our inner circle at Blissful Marriage Forum, these are the things we focus on. We decided to address these things because of the data we have gotten from couples over the years especially during the lockdown.

If you’re interested in joining our inner circle, kindly drop a comment here.

Together we can make the world a better place.

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