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Marriage, defined simply, is just the way partners make a relationship official and permanent to work towards creating a space to be happy with each other. Explore all it takes to make it work on this platform


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Blissful Marriage Forum is a forum for married and singles, born out of the vision to campaign for understanding and formidable marriage unions in a world that seems to have lost the sense true marital relationships. Our today’s world is filled with broken marriages, while many are physically or legally divorced, a lot more are still living together but emotionally divorced. This has given birth to broken homes with misguided offspring that now constitute danger to the society.

This forum will offer useful tips for a sound marriage to both married and singles as well as parenting guide from time to time. Professional counselling sessions will be available for those who require such services. The forum shall serve as a one-stop point for all marital issues as it has links to experts who can handle other marital challenges the forum might not be able to handle at any point in time.  

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Expert advice and tips for a healthier & happier marriage
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February 10, 2022

Marriage Is Far Deeper Than Your Emotions

Marriage most times doesn’t go as envisaged because of lack of commitment from one or both partners.

This is the reason why marrying someone with same values as yours is very important. Most of the eye-catchy things we tend to hold unto will…


February 10, 2022

Be Flexible With Your Marriage

When going into marriage, as much as possible give some allowance for eventualities. This applies to life generally but I’m particularly advising intending couples in this piece.

It’s very good to have expectations, as high as possible but don’t be rigid…..


February 10, 2022

The Need To Acquire Social And Emotional Learning (SEL)

One of the things I would recommend to intending couples in this age and time is to acquire soft skills.

The level of violence in homes now is really becoming alarming and most times you try to find out and discover that the cause of such violence


February 10, 2022

Marrying Right Should Be The Target

Talking about whether one should marry early or marry late is immaterial. Marry when you think you’re ready.

If you think you’re ready before 20, go on but don’t think you’re better off than someone who is over 40 and isn’t ready yet. But you should know this doesn’t apply to….

Godfrey Anwo

About the Founder

Mr. Godfrey Anwo is a Certified Life Coach, Marriage Counsellor and Author with several years of experience in managing romantic relationships. Trained by the Charles Borromeo CenterJimleri, Significant Marriage Consult Jalingo and The Right Fit Marriage Academy (An Online Marriage Academy), which has equipped him with the capacity to guide singles through successful relationships into very blissful marriages.

Mr. Godfrey is preacher, public speaker and youth mentor. He is happily married to Mrs. Agnes Anwo and the marriage is blessed with three (3) boys and a girl Stephen, Samuel, Simeon and Samantha.

Mr. Godfrey is the founder, Blissful Marriage Forum with which he hopes to reach out to as many singles and married couples as possible as the only way to make the world a better place is to have healthy relationships and blissful marriages

Valuable Courses

— 01


Course Outline:

-Introduction to SEX-FREE COURTSHIP
-Understanding COURTSHIP
-Understanding Your Body Chemistry
-Mindset Building
-Developing a Selfless Attitude in COURTSHIP
-Work Session
-Close Out and Other Information

— 02


Course Outline:

-Understanding Marriage
-Evaluating Your Marriage
-Building Vision/Goal for Your Marriage
-Communication In Marriage
-Faithfulness in Marriage
-Principles of Family Finance
-Understanding Your Temperament
-Roles, Responsibilities and Decision-making
-Building and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries in Marriage
-Understanding Parenting
-Sexual Relationship in Marriage
-Understanding Family Dysfunction

— 03


Course Outline:

-Introduction to Marriage 

-Understanding Personality

-Building Strong Foundation 

-Understanding Family Dysfunction 

-Building a Covenant Relationship 

-Developing Communication Skills

-Principles of Finance in Marriage 

-Faithfulness in Marriage 

-Assessing Individual Maturity Before Marriage 

-Developing Conflict Resolution Skills

-Developing Personal and Family Value System

-Sex, Sexuality and the Marriage Bed

-Handling Cultural and In-law Matters

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Finding True Love

My wife and I met and started dating shortly before she completed her mandatory one-year NYSC programme in Jalingo, Taraba State of Nigeria. I was already doing my Graduate Trainee Programme at the time with a telecommunication company. We scarcely had spent time together than she departed for Abuja in search of greener pastures. My wife and I pledged our commitment to the relationship before she left Jalingo, although it was not easy for us at some points, we still did our best and ensured we took the relationship to another level from what it was before she left Jalingo. We either spoke with each other over the phone or chatted on social media almost every day. There was this day my wife had problems with power supply in her area and I could not hear from her....

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