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Marrying Right Should Be The Target

Talking about whether one should marry early or marry late is immaterial. Marry when you think you’re ready.

If you think you’re ready before 20, go on but don’t think you’re better off than someone who is over 40 and isn’t ready yet.

But you should know this doesn’t apply to women and I know you know why. And this doesn’t apply to men who are confused either. Although the confusion is part of their unpreparedness.

Why there are a lot of women willing to get married, guys will still tell you they’ve been searching. Search well jare young man but just know that no matter the ultimacy of your search, the success of your marriage depends more on you than on your partner.

So if you ask me, I would say once you’re ready, you don’t need much search. Your selfishness is what is playing out in that search if only you can be sincere with yourself.

Stop putting ladies in suspense in the name of searching. Once you mention anything marriage to a lady, her system adjusts to that immediately and doesn’t easily readjusts. Be mindful of this too young man. It’s not their fault, that is how they were created.

But come to think of it, a lot of young men tie their readiness for marriage to finance, a very wrong parameter, if I may say. When eventually they acquire the money, they begin to suspect every lady around of having more interest in their money than in them. Who exactly is to blame? The guys definitely.

This 2022, be wise young men. Marry when you’re ready with or without money. Once you guys can feed yourselves, reason and plan your future together, you’re good to go!

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