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My wife and I met and started dating shortly before she completed her mandatory one-year NYSC programme in Jalingo, Taraba State of Nigeria. I was already doing my Graduate Trainee Programme at the time with a telecommunication company. We scarcely had spent time together than she departed for Abuja in search of greener pastures.

My wife and I pledged our commitment to the relationship before she left Jalingo, although it was not easy for us at some points, we still did our best and ensured we took the relationship to another level from what it was before she left Jalingo.

We either spoke with each other over the phone or chatted on social media almost every day. There was this day my wife had problems with power supply in her area and I could not hear from her for two days. I almost travelled to Abuja. It was not a funny experience at all. A lot of things ran through my mind which I shared with her after she eventually reconnected with me. I told her I thought she had gotten one rich Abuja guy and decided to cut off links with me. We both laughed over it and she gave me assurances of how much she valued our relationship and that she could not trade what we shared together for materialism.

There were times she would be very tired from work but as it was our custom, we still had to chat or talk to each other about our day. I remember one particular night, when she slept off while chatting with her. I called her lines to no avail, sent several chats without responses. That night I could not sleep. I woke up in the morning to see her responses of how she slept off while we were chatting because of the hectic day she had. I was very angry and told her to always tell me when she was feeling sleepy so we could make our chats very brief and conclude such communications before we both go to bed.

When it comes to finding true love, there are a lot of things to consider. There are a lot of people out there seeking love but they lack the knowledge of how to find the true and right person.

Have you ever wondered why of all things in the world, finding true love poses as the most difficult of them all? In a time where there are a lot of humans in disguised forms, singles must pay attention to finding who they will spend the rest of their lives with.

To solve this, I wrote this book, FINDING TRUE LOVE. I wrote this book to empower singles with the requisite information for getting it right in their choice of life partners. It went further to reveal social media and Internet hacks to help them not to fall prey to the milliards of deception on today’s virtual platforms.

The Internet and social media has come to stay and are increasingly gaining relevance in this post-COVID era and thus, it becomes important for our singles to take advantage of the opportunities these platforms provide for finding love.

This book is highly recommended for growing adults as well who are yet to understand what Dating truly is. It is advised that parents should also get a copy and read to equip themselves with information on the new trends in romantic relationships. This will help them become better guardians to their social media savvy children.


This book should serve as a handbook in every modern home in the wake of tragedies that have befallen many singles in their search for true love.

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